It's Never Too Late to Find Your Passion!!

It's Never to Late to Find Your Passion

It's Never Too Late to Find Your Passion!!

You're never to old to find your passion!! Whether you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s or beyond!!

Are you still searching for what cranks your mojo? You haven't yet found that one thing in life which makes you feel your happy authentic self?

That one thing which allows your soul to sing? Well let me say this to you....regardless of your age there IS something unique within you...something waiting to show its wings and send you soaring.

Keep searching and listen to that lovely little quiet voice within, and one day you will find what brings joy to your days. I am living proof of that!!

On a side note this is my very first blog post and it is my intention to write one biweekly...with any luck!!! And to share my life as an artist with some personal stuff thrown in, and also to help artists in any way I can with creating, online presence, and anything else which brings value and joy to their lives. So back to the discovery of my passions....

Two Passions I Discovered!

Well, I am now 63 years old and I discovered two completely new passions in my life, one when I was in my late 50s and the other at 60!!

And to boot, both of them were things I had never done previously in my life, nor were they on my radar! And one of them terrified me!! It's so interesting how life surprised me!!

So what are they, you ask?

Passion #1

Well the first one which appeared in my life was horses, and although I had been horse riding a few times in my 20s, usually trail riding in the Rockies when I lived out west. I was scared sh$tless (and I mean really scared...more like terrified!!) each time I was on the back of a horse. I always asked for the quietest oldest horse!!!

I only did it cause that's what my friends wanted to do...back then I just went along for the ride...pun intended!! Or maybe it was that part of me that wanted to be seen as adventurous...who knows??

How I discovered horses and my love for them is a somewhat long story...the short version is I was in search of something to help my youngest son with his mental health issues and being on the autism spectrum. I found this ad for horse therapy for children with autism and so we tried it....need I say more!! I fell in love with horses!! My son...not so much!!

I saw the gentle side of horses and I was now more aware (life experiences do that to you) and I could feel their energy and connect to it. I felt their total non-judgemental presence and it took me on an extraordinary healing journey.

It's Never to Late to find your passion

Since then I have learned to ride and also work with horses at liberty....and in 2014 I became the proud owner of Onyx, an off-the-track thoroughbred!!! Even to this day I revel in the thoughts of how I overcame my fears. Now, if I'm being totally honest I still have moments of apprehension, after all, they are like really big animals, and although their intent is not to harm the potential is there if something freaks them out!!!!

Passion #2

The second experience which came at the age of 60 was not painting walls!!! Painting like an artist...aha!! 

This began with me hooking into the colouring book craze. As a child I had always loved to colour. Although, creating art wasn't something I enjoyed as a child because I had been told I was pretty crappy at it!!! I coloured on and off throughout my adult life mostly with my children when they were young.

Colouring calmed me and took my focus away from all the stressful goings-on in my life. At the time I began, my husband had had a stroke, and my youngest son's mental health issues were rearing their ugly heads. Colouring gave me moments to myself and most of all a sense of peace within.

Colouring book page

I coloured for a couple of years and really, really loved it. Then one day I got onto Google to research more about this colouring craze and somehow I came across painting voila! I was hooked...well not quite that fast, but I remember thinking, 'I would love to paint!' 

My first painting was with The Art Sherpa on You Tube where she has a ton step by step and paint along videos. I did several with her and then I branched out into abstract. And the search began for my style!

In Search of My Style

For the first year and a bit I was simply copying the work of others and I watched countless hours of painting videos on You Tube! I then began taking some online paid courses.

My first was with Tracy Verdigo who's art I loved because of her use of colours, but I knew it wasn't my style. I've taken courses from Ivy Newport, Cody Hooper, Alena Hennessy,  David M Kessler, Andy Morris and many others.

I signed up to the where I discovered Debora L. Stewart and fell in love with soft pastels and creating pure abstracts and abstract realism. And it was through mentoring with her that I could feel bits of my style coming through.

From all the courses and videos I watched, I learned techniques, colour mixing, composition and all the other principles and elements of art, but I still hadn't discovered how to paint my way, from my heart, and I was lacking confidence. I was still so stuck in my head, not trusting the process, and above all else comparing myself to all the other artists I followed on Instagram.

My largest painting to date on canvas

Then in May of 2017, after taking an abstract workshop in my town and following a most magical experience with Onyx, my horse, I came home and took paint to canvas and miraculously my style flowed from within. I was totally out of my head and I had discovered painting from my authentic self. It was the most awe-inspiring experience for me.  And I felt such joy, connection, and authenticity.  However, somehow I got away from this because I just couldn't remember how I did it, and it became clear to me over time that the minute I was painting from my head and thinking too much, I felt stuck. So I continued my search and what I have learned is that our style is an ongoing journey (more about this in future blog posts).

However, the trick, and it is a trick, is to stay 100% out of my head and to paint from my heart where I stay away from the fear of ruining a painting or wondering if my next choice is right or wrong. In essence, it's about making the next best choice and trusting and knowing it will be the perfect one even if it's not the last one, and even if it's the worst one, cause you can always cover up your "mistakes", because after all it is only paint!! The other thing that comes into play is having the knowledge and confidence of what it takes to make a good painting.

Abstract ethereal painting on canvas

I am continuously on the path to discovering my style and expressing my inner truth from the essence of all that I am created. And recently, I have begun painting more boldly creating unlimited colours with colour mixing, which brings a whole new idea of fun to painting.

Both of these passions bring me to a place of peace and authenticity where I am learning to get lost in the moment with little thought. It simply flows from me, and I feel the energies as they ebb and flow in magical movement when I am both communicating with my art ,and my horse. I consider myself extremely fortunate.

It is Never Too Late!!

So know is NEVER EVER too late to discover what you're passionate about and what makes your soul sing!!

If you feel there is nothing about which you are truly passionate I would suggest you think back to when you were a child and ask yourself what you loved (although the whole horse thing for me sure didn't come from any childhood fantasies!!). This may spark an idea for you and then research whatever that might be. Then the most important next step is TO DO IT!!! And do it with love and consistency!!

Thank you for reading this far!! If you have any questions feel free to leave comments below or email me at I can also be reached through Instagram and Facebook, and if you feel so inclined check out my Pinterest page. Also if you're interested in receiving regular updates, including a free art download, discounts, new series release, exclusive sales and more (no spam, I promise!) feel free to sign up to my newsletter. Click here


With Love and Light,





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